Sergey Nitievskiy, ex – Director of “Ural dumplings”, has disclosed the income of the former colleagues. They are quite decent – and this Nitievskiy sees his merit.

“From the moment I launched the show in 2009 and until 2015, the actors and the authors received the official contract from the production company more than 400 million rubles. Plus, based on the increased popularity and royalties the company received on tour and corporate events more than 500 million. All of this confirmed information,” – writes “Express Gazeta”.

After the scandalous parting with the Director, “Dumplings” is still, thanks to brand recognition, get a lot of money.

“Now, thanks to the running of the show and the brand, artists earn about 300 million rubles a year. They are very poor people, having several apartments, homes, cars, etc. But alas greed is one of the vices. Sorry guys forgot how to earn the team until 2009,” — could not resist the rebuke Nitievskiy.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, June 16, the Moscow Arbitration court satisfied the claim of the collective company Natascha “first Hand Media” and has banned the use of the trademark “Ural dumplings” in the name of the first concert at STS.

The court also ordered the company to pay to the staff of 300 thousand rubles.