Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev has revealed the interiors of his apartment in a Villa in Zelenogradsk Kaliningrad region.

“Well Done, Helen!”: Razin, approved the mansion Malysheva

Vasilyev bought an apartment in an ancient building of the XIX century, about 10 years ago and planned to fix it, but seeing the preserved original details of the interior, the TV host decided to restore the house and return it to original appearance.


Publish from Alexander Vasilyev (@alexandre_vassiliev) 10 Jul 8 2020 in:36 PDT

“I chose the art Nouveau (German name of art Nouveau) for the interiors of Wildride as the only possible solution corresponding to the time of construction of the building and the layout of the apartment. It miraculously survived the original doors, floors and even yellow tiled stove, and it allowed me to restore the image of the apartments at the Baltic sea in the era of the Silver century,” said fashion historian edition of “Klops”.

The walls of homes Vasiliev was decorated with paintings by French and German artists from the collection, which includes 2,500 portraits. Interior historian acquired in Kaliningrad antique shops.

In the future, the apartment will become a Museum.