Sentenced for trying to join Islamic state (banned in Russia) Varvara Karaulov intends to marry the lawyer Oleg Eliseev.

“Soon will be our wedding Barbara Karaulova. Due to some restrictions in our country, the coronavirus, the wedding itself will take place in the narrow family circle. So I apologize all you want, but are unable to invite to the event. We still get together and see all of our friends. In General, I boasted,” – said Elisha in social networks, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

Karaulov was detained in October 2015 in Turkey for trying to join ISIS* (banned in Russia). It a secret from loved ones flew to Istanbul with a group of Russians tried to get to Syria. The girl was convicted. She later repented, saying that communication with the recruiter was based on the fact that he was a member of the organization, and love for him.

In April, Vologda city court granted the petition for early release Karaulova, who had been in prison for 3.5 years. April 27, Karaulova was released from prison.