Andrei Norkin, a well-known journalist involved in many television projects and radio, published live peaceful with sailboats and seagulls crying in the background of the pond and the soothing blue sky.

Recall, his wife Julia norkina died June 4, 2020 and Andrew is still in a difficult mental state. However, Norkin has demonstrated responsibility and professionalism, coming to work in the next few days after the tragedy.

To his release some netizens reacted critically, saying that “Norkin went to rest not in time, yet not really having time to pursue a wife”, but the majority of the public supported Andrew.

“Andrew we you are very missed, but we will wait as necessary, because you need to rest, so perfect and peaceful vacation, we are waiting eagerly, but patiently… Relax! Andrew we love you very much”,

the user writes Instagram


Publish from Andrey Norkin (@norkinntv) 7 Jul 2020 6:55 PDT

“Relax, gain strength!!! We will wait for You. The MEETING PLACE cannot be changed!”

I hope the change of scenery will help the famous journalist to restore strength and find inner balance. Will again wait for his appearance on national television.