air force (USAF) United States July 14, at Edwards AFB in California has completed a series of tests of the prototype an inexpensive cruise missiles, created in the framework of the Gray Wolf (“Grey wolf”), writes The Drive. The publication notes that the work may be combined with the Golden Horde (Zolotaya Orda), involving the use of artificial intelligence and communications to control a swarm of cheap drones.

According to The Drive, ground, and first flight (in the F-16C Viper) test Gray Wolf was to review the prototype missiles for electromagnetic compatibility, as well as collecting critical data about the system. “Just one flight a part of the aircraft team [of experts and military] found out more than weeks or months of laboratory tests,” said engineer Conor Bridge.

the Newspaper reminds that in March of air force Research laboratory announced the successful completion of the test series, inexpensive turbojet engine Technical Directions Inc. (TDI) TDI-J85, who will receive the rocket, created in the framework of the Gray Wolf. One such missile, on which work the American company Northrop Grumman and Griffon Aerospace, will be tested in southern California by the end of summer.

Created in the framework of the Gray Wolf products should be inexpensive counterparts inconspicuous precision cruise missile of class “air — surface” Lockheed Martin AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), designed, in particular, to break the air defense system (PVO) of a potential enemy.

In June, Forbes magazine reported that the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet was first released bombs GBU-53/B StormBreaker, which, being integrated in the program of the Golden Horde, change “game rules”. Tests of the GBU-53/B StormBreaker will be completed by the end of 2020. The weapons will first receive the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and F-15E Eagle, and then the F-35 Lightning II. Forbes reminds that the basis of the GBU-53/B StormBreaker formed the development of the 1980-ies, when the Soviet armored formation was planned to destroy the “rain” smart anti-tank rounds manufactured by the aircraft carrier without entering the zone of antiaircraft defense of the enemy.

In December 2019 Popular Mechanics reported that air force the US wants to send against their opponents system of the Golden Horde.