Russia is unlikely to return to a regime of isolation, as did Kazakhstan, because this mode causes severe damage to the people and the country as a whole, said the newspaper VIEW leading researcher of the Institute of clinical experimental medicine, Virology Professor Alexander Chepurnov.

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the authorities of Kazakhstan announced that from July 5 in the country again entered a two-week quarantine. They also noted that if necessary, these measures can strengthen or extend for another 14 days.

“I Think it is unlikely we will have re-introduced a state of isolation, because I feel that it was cancelled not because of the fact that the so is doing so well, but because of the fact that the economic damage is too high. Just total losses associated with the isolation, i.e. the deterioration of human health, the overall situation with other infections, the economic component – in General terms, give more minuses than pluses. You can lock yourself out further, but the damage it would cause much more,” says Chepurnov.

According to the virologist, the Russian government will not enter into home mode even in case of occurrence of the second wave, which, he believes, will be in the autumn.

“of course, If there are any excessive morbidity figures, the country will once again be on isolation. But most likely, such measures may take some of the heads of regions, but not in all of Russia. Especially because we already have several positive aspects, unlike what we had in the beginning,” – said the town Chepurnov.

First, it continues the virologist appeared normal diagnostic system. Secondly, we have already started some drugs which though not a panacea, but give a significant effect.

“we had enough pumped from several sides of the medical stratum. A significant number of staff had been ill with the coronavirus, so it has protection and it does not require vaccination and therefore, will no longer be a strong shortage of staff, as in the beginning. And knowledge about the virus the doctors became much more”, – said the town Chepurnov.

Based on the foregoing, Russia will enter the second wave, if it will still be more prepared that will help you to easily overcome all sorts of problems associated with COVID-19, without a Declaration of another mode of isolation, said the virologist.

Earlier, in an interview with the newspaper VIEW head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and immunology, First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, academician Vitaly Zverev estimated the probability of arrival of the second wave of coronavirus during the first weeks of July.