– it was said at the meeting with the head of state: universities and research organisations will receive additional support in the amount of 41.4 billion rubles, – said the Minister. – Now the Ministry is very actively analyzes the financial status of each University and each scientific organizations, including taking into account requests received. Already in June, where the most difficult situation, will receive additional funds for salaries.

Valery Falkov said: layoffs are planned. All the anxiety in the universities about the cuts, generally associated with stress: when it becomes smaller, questions arise and by the staff. But now there is no reason.

– there are No prerequisites to reduce the staff of the University or to leave teachers without a job, I do not see, – said the Minister. – Each year students will only become greater.

If all attempts to fire someone, then in the Ministry, you can always ask. “We have our finger on the pulse and in each case we will separately understand,” he promised Falkov.