They said they can’t complain

29-year-old Townsend and 39-year-old Steve pond can boast one of the most unexpected and hilarious Samothrace in the world. The fact that friends spend a quarantine is not somewhere, and in The Prince pub in North London.

These guys are winning lockdown and we’re not jealous at all… ??

Dom and Steve share not only a bar, but shared an apartment above it and a small terrace, where from time to time barbecue.

However, most of the time the British still carried out inside the empty bar: they drink beer, play table Golf, chess and video games.

Pond Pals Steve and Dom Townsend consider themselves lucky to be sharing an apartment above a closed pub in north London. With no crowds to serve, they while away the time with mini-golf, chess or rooftop barbeques when the weather is good. Read more:

Friends admit that they can’t complain about their conditions of isolation, as they have everything they need, and most importantly — great beer selection and the familiar surroundings. However, they are very short of visitors and appropriate noise, without which the pub has turned into a lonely and empty place, writes Metro.

Catherine Gura