Russian actress Maria Gorban said in his Instagram that had COVID-19.

"I was sick three weeks ago. With fever and a terrible twisting of the whole body," wrote Gorban.

According to her, after the onset of cough, she was tested for coronavirus and a CT scan which revealed the pneumonia.

didn’t want to tell, that our family had COVID-19. But today, when I said I coped with this infection, I decided to tell all! I got sick 3 weeks ago. With fever and a terrible twisting of the whole body. I started coughing and of course I ran to do the test and CT scan. CT scan showed pneumonia 8% . Today I feel whole, healthy person, although the smell is not quite yet feel. So, I’m writing this post because I was one of those people who are not particularly panic, but isolated itself for itself town for 2 months. And ill, when and where, is not clear … but the point is that now all the younger generation of my family great. And what you want!!! Take care of yourself!!! … But who’ll tell you what I paid for it, I will immediately block! Friends, such things are not joking … this is life !!!

Publish from MASHA GORBAN (@gorban_masha) 16 May, 2020 at 5:25 PDT

The actress added that at the moment, not experiencing health problems with the exception of some loss of smell. However, she noted that the last two months spent outside the city in isolation, and urged subscribers to protect themselves.

Gorban is most known for starring in the TV series "Kitchen", its spin-offs, as well as commercials.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (exciter COVID-19) was first identified in late December of the year in the Chinese city of Wuhan. In early March, the who has recognized his outbreak a pandemic. According to the organization, in the world infected more than 4.4 million people, more than 300 thousand died.

In Russia the total number of infected is 272 043 man, died on 2 537 patients recovered 63 166. Conducted more than 6.6 million tests. For the last day in 83 Russian regions recorded 9200 new cases, of which nearly 45% were without symptoms.