Fans showed their commitment to the series by making it trend on Twitter as the Twilight saga began on Netflix Friday.

Twilight is the best film franchise to instill faith in the future. Nearly a decade later, the final installment of the Twilight franchise (2012’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2) fans continue to share a strong commitment to making the movies trendy.

The five supernatural epics, Twilight, New Moon Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2, were all available on Netflix Friday for the uninitiated. Twitter was as shocked and as amazed as Bella when she saw Edward’s sparkling vampire skin for the first time.

As long-lasting comfort series asFriendsAndThe OfficeThe streaming service went down for several months, before being re-instated on HBO Max and Peacock.TwilightMovies experienced a similar hiatus. Soon after, however, the movie industry experienced a similar hiatus.Stephanie MeyersIt’s finally here!TwilightContinueMidnight SunThe franchise was launched in August.TransferredFrom Amazon Prime to Hulu All five films are available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.Hulu leftFans were forced to watch a Freeform marathon at the end October (those annoying commercials!). If they want to rewatch, they can either get their DVD boxes or dust off the old ones.

An American Film Institute or Criterion Collection spotTwilightIt does not have. The saga is still a hit in a changing pop culture environment. You can see the comfort these chaotic films provide by scrolling through Twitter. The series is best suited for a rainy weekend inside. It’s the kind of weekend where you wrap yourself in a blanket and blast 2010s indie music. Some people use them to be nostalgic for their past.Kristen StewartInterviews and gifs about the terrifying CGI baby Renesmee.

As the years pass,Robert PattinsonPerhaps, it will become synonymous withBruce WayneEdward Cullen. That has a societal significance.All-Vampire Baseball Sceneset to Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole might (ever so slightly!) dwindle. As long as you keep theTwilightFans will continue to twihard for movies and a Netflix queue to allow them to land on.