Joko Winterscheidt has the fax thick. So far, the moderator of “Who is stealing the show from me?” has had to do without a spectacular opening – in contrast to his prominent guests, who have been able to swindle his show from him so far. Just last week, musician Olli Schulz set the bar extremely high for a successful start with an emotional campfire atmosphere, singing and crowd surfing in a boy scout outfit. In previous seasons, Anke Engelke, Bastian Pastewka and Mark Forster made a name for themselves with their performances.

Joko, on the other hand, has only been allowed to walk down the high show stairs in a less glamorous way. “It’s enough for me!” The 40-year-old announces aggressively at the beginning of the new episode. So that he finally gets an opening that will be remembered, he sneaked into the TV studio next door – to where “The Voice of Germany” is recorded. “I want the baddest performance this show has ever seen. Nobody knows I’m here, but I’ll hijack the stage here,” Joko declares war.

With a star-spangled banner sweatshirt, baggy pants, tennis socks, a gelled bird’s nest hairstyle and a nose ring, the presenter honors himself as a lookalike of “The Prodigy” singer Keith Flint (Flint died in 2019). The celebrity jury, made up of Rea Garvey, Stefanie Kloß, Mark Forster and Peter Maffay, cheers along to the first bars of “Firestarter”. However, when Joko’s rasping voice can be heard, they are taken aback. Rea Garvey is the first to hit the buzzer and wants to see who he’s dealing with. “That’s next level shit,” Garvey grins when he recognizes the moderator: “Fuck it, Joko! You’re a rock star!” While Stefanie Kloß can hardly keep from laughing, Joko asserts: “I felt it!” But he can’t stay with his colleagues from “The Voice” for long: “I have to go over there now, I have a show!”

Once there, Olli Schulz greets him with the words: “You look like someone who has always got his mouth on breakdance.” Then he continues to torment Joko: “Florian Silbereisen – what did the drugs do to him?” Fahri Yardım has a different association: “You look like a guinea fowl!” the actor thinks. Yardim himself praised improvement for this show: “I’m really nice today and I’ve taken off the whole pee costume, today you can see my sensitive, female part,” he promises. The “Jerks” actor is notorious for his outspoken, often raunchy, outbursts at WSMDS.

Winterscheidt doesn’t trust the peace, however, and presents a new rule, according to which too much “smut” threatens to lose points, heralded by a buzzer that sounds a stern “Na na na!” Although Fahri is visibly trying to sound serious, he keeps bursting out – for example when asked about a toilet seat: “I have a retractable one with an ass shower, I can have a nice massage there!” He grins. Olli Schulz: “Fahri, you are a perverse particle accelerator!”

Wild card candidate this time is Robin, 30 years old, from Berlin. But the amateur fermenter has to go home after the first round, as Nilam Farooq and Fahri Yardım in particular score more points. After round two, Olli Schulz also has to say goodbye and doesn’t shy away from self-criticism: “Boa, how can you be so stupid?” he quarrels with his performance.

Fahri has more success with his new tactic: public applause. “I was charmed by this cordiality,” he says, never having seen “such a beautiful audience”. In the prompter game in round three, however, the solutions given to him no longer help, Nilam knows a lot more. Fahri to Joko: “You broke me today with this no-Ficki rule! Dude, I’ll grab your skinny sack right away!” The actor will not moderate the season finale next week – much to his chagrin: “The show would have gotten so dirty!”

For the second time, actress colleague Nilam has the chance to steal the show from Joko. This time, the 32-year-old plays better poker: “I really understand the rules now,” she laughs. When the score is 4: 4, she bets her coin and forces Joko to answer the question of which actor was the only one to be awarded an Oscar posthumously?

She guesses the correct answer: Heath Ledger. And Joko? Although he claims to be “the biggest Heath Ledger fan”, he has a different name: Marlon Brando. So the last show of this season will be moderated by Nilam Farooq – we can look forward to the opening.

It’s the time of the big TV comebacks. RTL is now trying the “100,000 Mark Show” – a cult format, even if the word is overused, that made television history in the 90s. Moderator then as now: Ulla Kock im Brink, who remembers glorious times in an interview.

A heated debate has been going on for days about the book and film classic “Winnetou”. Critics speak of cultural appropriation. But unlike the ARD, many broadcasters and publishers want to remain true to the cult films and books by Karl May.

The “ZDF television garden” was a well-kept front garden under public law. In the meantime, more and more cacti are blooming there: gender discussion, sexist song – but now moderator Kiewel is taking the regular audience of the world record show to a whole new level.

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