She is considered the queen of hearts, in the end she is more likely the queen of broken hearts. To this day, Diana brings tears to her former lover’s eyes. The private broadcaster “world exclusive” brought him in front of the cameras – and thus spices up his hard-working documentary “The Battle of the Princesses”.

Do you remember what you were doing when the news of Lady Diana’s death broke? Sure, many will say. After all, it wasn’t just a shock message for the friends of the royal that made an impression. Dream wedding and nightmare life, relationship tragedy and new love happiness – Di had everything, and in the end probably just too much of everything. Her wedding alone attracted 800 million viewers in front of televisions around the world. “I felt like a lamb on the slaughterhouse,” she said afterwards: good luck and bad luck shook hands. And a generation later? “The Battle of the Princesses” is what RTL baptizes its documentary about Lady Di and her successors Meghan and Kate. And oracles something about the Diana code, which the successor supposedly wants to decode.

The private broadcaster compares the CVs. It starts with childhood stories. As a child, Diana experienced her parents’ broken marriage. Kate comes from a virtually intact family. Her mother, career-oriented, chooses Prince William’s place of study as the university for her daughter. At a fashion show, Kate shows the prince almost naked for the first time – and the relationship begins. And then of course Meghan. The American. The actress. “From an early age, she wanted to aim high and achieve great things,” says her half-sister. Meghan copies Diana. “She threw herself on him like a spider,” says an acquaintance of the beginnings with Prince Harry. Meghan even put on Diana’s perfume for the first rendezvous with Harry.

The sympathies in the RTL documentary are very obviously very clearly distributed. Both princesses appear in similar outfits as Diana once did. But when it comes to Kate, the rep adds that she can also wear ready-made clothes. Kate is already being publicly referred to as “Waity Katy” because it’s so long before she’s officially engaged to William. It had also taken time for Charles and Diana – the two had only met 13 before the engagement. Was that a lucky number? And when Lady Di then spoke publicly about her love, Charles commented in front of the cameras: “Whatever love means…” With Meghan, it’s extremely fast for royal standards. For the first time, the royal family issued an official announcement before the engagement and confirmed: “Meghan is Girlfriend…”. Only a year and a half passed before the public and official ring. “I hadn’t heard much about the royal family,” the fiancée announces. “That’s a lie,” comments her half-sister. As a pregnant woman, Diana throws herself down a flight of stairs because the royal misery has become too much for her. Kate also suffers early in pregnancy. Meghan, on the other hand, celebrates a baby party in luxury and splurge. The television is there – as well as with Diana. She had also used the cameras to publicly deny Prince Charles’ character suitability for the “top job” as king. And she also speaks in front of the camera about her own, the years of cheating. Which brings the RTL documentation to its actual topic.

RTL announces the interview with what is certainly the most prominent “Rittmeister” in the world as “world exclusive”. And there really is no saving in drama. “He did something that is still punishable by death in England today,” announces the moderator. Until finally James Hewitt, the captain and former lover, has his say: “I had a relationship with Diana for five years.” And Hewitt confirms it again: “Yes, she conquered my heart.”

“Of course her beauty was impressive,” he recalls of meeting Diana for the first time – and her “beautiful, big blue eyes”. James Hewitt takes away her fear of horses. And helps her with so much more. “We arranged it so that we saw each other every one to two weeks,” reports Hewitt about the period from 1986 to 1991. “Everything was accepted at the highest level,” says the retired cavalry captain and confirms this with a call from Diana with the Queen – from his landline phone. She showed him houses where she wanted to share life with him. He knew he could never afford it. Hewitt has a tell-all book written in which he makes the relationship public. “You make a decision at any given time,” he says today. “And then you have to live with it. If you can’t do that, you’re not a man.” Then there’s the other question that has haunted him for half his life. James Hewitt also gives a clear answer to this. “I’m not Harry’s father,” he says despite all resemblance to the prince – “for one more time”.

Hewitt’s answer to the question of paternity is remarkably matter-of-fact. The question about his disclosure book moves him much more. “The price was,” and he seems to have tears in his eyes, “the price was: It took me the rest of my life.” The rest of life looked very limited for Diana’s one-time lover last year. First the heart attack, then the stroke. And what remains? “Of course I still love her. She will remain an important part of my life for the rest of my life. ”That is big, although the question naturally arises as to why Hewitt wants to sit in front of the RTL cameras again today. With the original question, with which RTL started the evening, the private broadcaster is visibly struggling. Has Kate cracked the Diana code? Or is it Meghan? In the end, RTL prefers to refer to the next generation in a highly speculative manner.