the Turkish company Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade will put the Ministry of defence of Turkey, hundreds of drones, among which may be 356 units of drones-kamikaze Kargu, writes The Drive. Such a weapon can be a “killer” anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes “Carapace” of the Russian production in Syria and Libya.

According to the publication, Kargu in order a massive attack is able to unite in a swarm of 20 drone that “can provide the armed forces of Turkey a new opportunity, potentially changing the game.”

The Drive reminds that the first generation of Kargu was presented in 2017, and in 2019 Kargu-2 were involved in operations on the Syrian-Turkish border. The publication notes that 15 pound drone can fly at speeds up to 145 kilometers per hour, can stay aloft for up to 30 minutes and be in the zone of visibility for the operator at a distance of about 10 kilometers. According to The Drive, modern Kargu equipped with three types of ammunition — high-explosive, thermobaric, and cumulative.

“In General, Turkey has become the locomotive of development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles using major types of which have achieved great results in Syria and Libya this year alone,” — concludes the publication.

In January 2019, military expert Vladislav Shurygin said that “Armor” in Syria was destroyed by an inexpensive and simple Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle SkyStriker. According to open sources, loitering munition SkyStriker production company Elbit Systems is a small, low-speed (up to 190 kilometers per hour) 35-pound unmanned aircraft with a pusher propeller and motor. Shurygin sure that “the use of this ammunition in the daytime is a problem, as it is vulnerable even to small arms”, but at night RAID flock of these “kamikaze” on the position of defense “can be a serious problem for the enemy.”