The US President Donald trump said that no objection to the acquisition by Microsoft of the U.S. operations of the company TikTok. The President said that he will prohibit the States from September 15, if the sale does not take place. On Friday, Mr. trump said it plans to ban the activities belonging to the China video apps in the United States after the rejection of the possible sale to Microsoft.In June TikTok and about 60 Chinese apps blocked in India because they allegedly cause damage to the sovereignty and security of the country. TikTok, the representative said that the company doesn’t disclose user data to authorities of foreign countries.Earlier, Reuters reported that Donald trump has agreed to give the Chinese company ByteDance 45 days to negotiate the sale of the TikTok app of Microsoft. Microsoft said Sunday that CEO Satya Nadella spoke with Mr. trump and “is ready to continue discussion on the purchase TikTok in the United States.”The US President said that Chinese social network WeChat TikTok and can be used to collect information about U.S. citizens. On 2 August the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo reported that certain measures against TikTok will be taken in the coming days.About the situation, in the publication “Kommersant FM” “TikTok crossed the road Donald Trump”.