A number of European countries to gradually relax the restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic is to open visa centers, the taboos on the air. So, on Monday in St. Petersburg resumed work visa centre of Finland. However, until the resumption of tourist traffic in any of the European countries out of the question — a relatively simple look only tours from Russia to Abkhazia or Turkey.Finnish visa centre in St. Petersburg, last year processed more than 644 thousand applications, on Monday resumed work after an interruption due to the pandemic. However, while we are talking only about results previously submitted certificates of filing new visa applications continue to be suspended. The border of Finland and other EU countries, closed to most tourists since mid-March. While roughly 25 August, but after a few weeks the authorities will re-consider the question of the possibility of their discovery to the Russians. Earlier, the Ambassador of Finland in Russia Mikko Hautala explained “Kommersant”: “Completely closed the border has never been, in addition, we continued to issue visas for certain categories of citizens. Finland may enter the drivers of trucks and commercial vehicles, students, family members residing us citizens, holders of a residence permit. Of course, the proportion of those who can now travel from Russia to Finland, is extremely small when compared with normal traffic, but such trips are still possible.”Recall, while regular flights between Russia and the absolute majority of countries have not recovered, and the timing of its resumption is still unknown. From 1 August from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don, resumed international flights just three countries — the UK (in London), Turkey and Tanzania. The choice of the latter, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova explained to her popularity among Russians. According to the Russian Association of tour operators (ATOR), last year, Tanzania was attended by about 6 thousand tourists from Russia.At the same time the organized non-scheduled flights — for example, to return to Russia, remaining abroad because of the pandemic, tourists or working in Russia for foreign citizens. In addition, from 1 August became possible trip in the partially recognized Abkhazia over the weekend it crossed the border already more than 30 thousand people. One other country — Switzerland — the traffic is restored on August 15, but use them not all. “Despite numerous media reports of another content, restrictions on entry to Switzerland from Russia has not changed, said Monday at the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow.— Direct flights from Russia to Zurich or Geneva before the opening of the international commercial air service is not provided”. On arrival will have to undergo a ten day quarantine. Similarly now ��stoic situation with Austria since the end of last week a ban on flights from the UK cancelled, but the entry for the Russians is not allowed.On the background of fluctuations of incidence, the conditions of entry and rules of conduct in public places tightened not only in Switzerland. So, Monday at the Berlin airport “Tegel” has introduced a free testing for those coming from “unsafe” countries. That in the future such testing is planned to be mandatory, announced last week, the head of the Ministry of health of Germany Jens span. “We must not allow the returning quietly infecting others and has launched a new infectious chain. Therefore, I introduce mandatory testing for arriving from the regions at risk. This will serve the protection of all citizens,” he explained. In other countries, for example in the UK, for visitors operates a two-week quarantine.Those Russians who still manage to get abroad, in tourism in advance is recommended to arrange insurance “just in case”.Galina Dudina