MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. New pricing policy of tourist and transport companies will provide a reduction in the cost of travel to Russia this summer compared to the same period last year, said managing Director of tour operator “Biblio-Globus” Irina Kostenko.

Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) brings her statement on the occasion of the launch of the first flights to Sochi after the lifting of restrictions associated with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. In turn, the head of the Ministry of sarin doguzova earlier on Monday said that all the most popular tourist destinations in the country, closed due pandemic by early July, will begin accepting guests from other regions.

Kostenko noted that during the period of restrictions has formed a large pent-up demand for an integrated tourist product.

“We see that the travelers did not cancel their trip, and transferred them, waiting for the main event of the tourist season — opening Russian resorts. The increase in demand also affects the pricing — this year’s trip will cost the tourists cheaper than a year earlier,” — said the representative of the tour operator.

the Airline “Russia” on 22 June, carried out the first tourist flight to Sochi from Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” under the joint operator “Biblio-the Globe” the revised program of tourist flights. The flight took place at 1.05 GMT from terminal, the second flight on this route took off at 1.10.

“Together with the airline “Russia” we are fully prepared to provide our travelers safe summer season at the highest level”, — said Kostenko.