Despite almost three months of quarantine, forced citizens maximize the use of cashless payments, the popularity of cash quickly returns. Experts believe that, despite all the efforts of the banks and the regulator, to get away from “real” money will not come soon. Not ready and businesses, especially small, and citizens.Moscow credit Bank (ICB) and the company “Eleksnet” (joint self-service network of more than 10 thousand ATMs and terminals) analyzed the behavior of citizens in the use of cash. According to him, the volume of daily cash withdrawals from ATMs reached January levels, but still below Feb by 16%.In February compared with January, the volume of cash withdrawals increased by 122% in March on the background of the beginning of the pandemic in the fashion industry, it has increased by 8% (at the end of the month have already started to apply restrictions). In April, during the most severe restrictions of movement of citizens, the reduction was 44% in March. The first positive trend, however, appeared in may — an increase of 2%. In June, the volume of cash withdrawal has increased by 36%. The situation is similar in the market Astra Bank offers (entrepreneurs themselves contribute revenue to the Bank through the terminals and ATMs).”Cash payment is to trade more profitable because of the cost, despite the fact that the Central Bank forced payment system to reduce tariffs on Internet-acquiring in some areas to 1%, the cost of cash handling is 0,2–0,5%,— said the managing Director of Elecsnet Denis Mayorov.— Cash as a tool for calculations continue to be popular among the population, and the growth of self-service suggests that has not happened globally redirect individuals in a non-cash payment channels”.In the CBA, who campaigned of citizens in the conditions of pandemic not to use cash, “b” was assured that the users ‘ interest non-cash payment instruments is maintained. “But we did not plan and do not plan to restrict circulation of cash money and refuse cash. Citizens should have the opportunity to choose,” assured Tam.So, Alfa-Bank, “Kommersant” reported that “in June see the growth in the number of transactions at ATMs by 18% compared to may and April.” According to the Executive Director of the Bank “Russian Standard” for the development of Elena Petrova, the demand for cash is recovering, although not fast: “If the large retail chains, small and medium business mandatory accept cards for payment, micro businesses and self-employed — while less”. In the savings Bank say that despite a slight rise compared to may, in June, the demand for cash withdrawals is still below last year’s volumes. Head of non-credit products Raiffeisenbank Maxim Stepochkin from the end of March sees “a steady decline demand for transactions cash withdrawal in ATMs,” and hopes that “these habits will remain after the pandemic.”Independent experts, however, these hopes do not share. “The demand for cash is restored because of the removal of restrictions and increasing the volume of services for which there is cash, says chief investment strategist “BCS” Maxim Sheyin.— Not all self-employed rush in the official field.” According to the head of the Board of Directors of JSC “Kcell” Alexei Buyanova, cash prefer the clients themselves. “The reasons for this not so little: banknotes reliable and don’t depend on any devices, it is impossible to track cash operations, there are no limits and so on,” he said. The transition to cashless inhibited by several factors, says a member of the General Council of “Business Russia” Alim of Bichenov, and sellers, in some cases, set up such conditions, and citizens are familiar cash payment method.Ksenia Dementieva has changed the behavior of buyers and sellers during pandemicity next