In 2020, the Masterpiece London exhibition, usually held at this time in The Royal Hospital, goes to online. From 22 to 28 June on the website Masterpeice Online, it’s possible to consider in detail the work of 138 participants, of which 16 represent jewelry and watches, antique and modern. “Kommersant Style” chose the most interesting and studied the features of the new format of the event.Certainly the participants-patrons of the exhibition Masterpiece relieved to find out that, despite the ban of public events this year because of the pandemic, important antique and jewelry experts, the platform will still work, albeit in a new format. On the website all participants are divided into categories of “Fine art”, “Modern art”, “Sculpture”, “Design”, “Antiquities and Antiques, Silver and ceramics”, “Jewelry and watches”. Exhibition of work of each participant can be seen in photos and video, read the description and if interested ask question directly to the seller — all contacts are listed here. You can subscribe to interviews and round tables in real time, to book a private virtual tour of the topic of interest, listen to a story expert about the main exhibits.In the category “Jewelry and watches” this year the list of participants is diverse as always: from antique dealers S. J. Phillips, Wartski and Simon Teakle Fine Jewelry to the international well-known modern jewelers Cindy Chao, Fabio Sallini and Sabbadini.The gallery is worth a visit Wartski for the candy bowl XIX century Carl fabergé carved rock crystal, in Simon Teakle is an interesting bracelet, 1890 with three pearl elements, which are removed and turned into earrings and a ring.London jeweler Eliane Fattal, who worked on the collection for Sotheby’s Diamonds, shows remade in the modern Antiques — brooch art Deco, which became a ring, a pair of combs for hair with a motif of a horseshoe, turned into earrings.Taiwanese jeweler Cindy Chao, whose Winter Leaves necklace has been named “Best jewelry” exhibition last year, represents a new brooch and earrings Green Plumule and other adornments in a three-dimensional technique clips on the lightest titanium. The Italian Fabio Sallini interesting necklace in a super modern combination of carbon fiber and precious stones. The widow and daughter of a jeweller Andrew Grima show a mix of vintage and modern things from Grima pendants with aquamarine 1973 until new cocktail ring with tourmaline in the typical for the designer technique of processing gold.Exhibited also the Swiss Boghossian jewelry in the signature technique of inlaid diamonds and Chatila c things with rare and very large coloured stones. Participate and Paris clubs of Van Cleef & Arpels necklace with the famous zipper and brooch ballerina.Interesting virtual tour of the jewelry expert and historian Justin Roberts, ��WH ICH will be held on 26 June and the talk of the specialists of the museums, the Frick, The Met and the Victoria & Albert about challenges facing museums in the twenty-first century. The discussion is free, but Masterpiece offers to make a donation to the cultural Fund, which supports these and other similar organizations.Of course, it’s hard to replace looking at jewelry with my own eyes in person, talk tete-a-tete with the designers and owners of galleries and visitor studies. On Masterpiece you could meet the ex supermodel in age, wearing vintage earrings, a famous actor in search of art objects, the star of hip-hop, opting for contemporary furniture, or historian studying the catalogs of antique clocks. It will come back next year, but for now enjoy the chance to see and purchase rare and precious exhibits from home.By Ekaterina Ziborova