A few days later after the announcement of the resumption of flights and the massive sales Turkey again became the leader of the tour bookings, displacing Russian resorts in second place. But a serious drop in demand is to be expected: many potential travelers confuse the need for testing on COVID-19 after returning to Russia and continuing uncertainty.Turkey has again become the leading trend in the market of organized tourism. According to the results of last weekend, the country has formed 52% of sales, according to the data Level.Travel. On the first place in the absence of an alternative to the previous two months, the Russian resorts has formed 48%. CEO Level.Travel Dmitry Malyutin indicates that right now, Turkey’s share in sales is almost the same figure as 2019, when the direction formed 50% of the bookings. But on the resumption of pre-crisis volumes in physical terms speech does not go yet. According to over the weekend it sold 83 percent less tours to Turkey, than in the same period last year.On the partial resumption of international flights, the Russian authorities said on Friday. From 1 August will be available with flights to the UK, Tanzania and Turkey. And in the case of the latter, initially you can only fly to Istanbul. Flights to the resort towns will open August 10. In Tez Tour said that an additional demand for Turkey now provide customers who perebroniruyut their trips to other areas, the opening of which remains in question. The tourists, who had earlier postponed his vacation for 2021 also requested to go to the country in the near future.According to the data Level.Travel, the average check when booking the tour to Turkey — 131 thousand RUB It more than two times higher than for Russia (50.5 thousand RUB.) and simultaneously, significantly exceeds the value for the same period last year (91 thousand rubles). Dmitry Malyutin connects this momentum introduced in may by the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey, the certification of accommodation facilities, which implies a broad list of additional hygiene requirements. According to experts, it has been about 40% of the hotels in Antalya, Kemer and Belek. Basically it is a hotel category “four-five stars”, which now accounts for the bulk of demand. Lodging economy class, according to Mr. Malyutin, do not hurry to spend money on additional testing, certification and restructuring of business processes.High season on the black sea coast will end already in the end of August and most of the tourists decided on plans, he said. Restricting the flow to Turkey factor Mr. Romashkin calls narrow the geography of flights: initially they will be open only from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don, while the regions usually provide 30-40% of sales. “Tourists were also confused by the need to test for COVID-19 return: people are tired of the restrictions and the negative attitude to the provision of certificates, we all have seen in the resorts,” says a top Manager. However, in the future, according to forecasts of Mr. Romashkina, Turkey “will delay” the inland resorts this season of 5-10% demand: this will begin to be felt in August after the country is still going to fly the first Russian travelers.In note that the sale of tours to Tanzania formally in 40 times exceeds a similar indicator of last year, qualifies this by adding that while we are talking still about the individual bookings. According to the service, while tours to the country offer only two tour operator: AnexTour and “Intourist”. Average check when booking — 156 thousand roubles that corresponds to level of the similar period of last year. Executive Director of “Intourist” Sergey Tolchin said that in conditions of partial resumption of flights, lack of high-end hotels at Russian resorts and relatively expensive tours to Turkey Tanzania can obtain the additional demand. This trend is now considering other tour operators. In Tez Tour indicate that they plan to offer customers travelling to the country on the basis of scheduled flights.Alexandra Mertsalova