Since July 27, in Russia introduced criminal liability for “left” inspection. The organization this procedure (i.e. “drawing” diagnostic cards state sample) without accreditation of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) — now the real crime: illegal business activities, a penalty for which the penalty to 300 thousand roubles, or compulsory work up to 480 hours, or 6 months of arrest. “MK” has found out, what will change in the field inspection after this legislation.

Even if in a private garage made a mechanical inspection of the car (just in case!), but the accreditation of RSA from this service, no — master issuing a diagnostic card, goes on trial. With one caveat: amendment to article 171 of the criminal code, including operators in a list of potential illegal entrepreneurs work “in cases of major damage to citizens, organisations or the state, as well as in cases related to the recovery of a large income.” This innovation appeared in the UK in order to of the diagnostic card is needed primarily for the design of the policy CTP will not be issued to non-accredited individuals and firms.

Yet do everything the old way — said the “MK” on July 27, in the office of one of the major Russian insurance companies. Diagnostic card will cost 3000 rubles over and above the cost of the policy. Adding to the database of RSA provided, indicating the machine is not necessary. If there are doubts about the efficiency of those or other units, we strongly recommend that you contact the official dealer service.

Note that the process is organized with the involvement of accredited insurance company, a part of which is just the “panache” of the diagnostic card. Inspection procedure tightens government almost every year in recent years required photographs of the car on IT. However, in the design of policies (and diagnostic cards) through agents, as a rule, it is possible to agree that the car is not show. The benefit to insurance companies, and accredited services are not eager to do everything for real: ask a question about how to obtain a “fair” diagnostic card, — you will see in the eyes of the agents genuine surprise.

— Accreditation with RSA for us an extra headache, so we do not and will not be, — says the Director of a large repair service of Japanese cars. — In theory we have all the necessary equipment, we can issue a diagnostic card. But now, even if someone of our customers will itch, and he would ask, — will not, because the criminal case we do not need. But in fact, for several years one such card is not treated: instead, for the history of the car is asked to do printouts from the CE��the service books. And for those who have not served, and is easier to buy this card and not sweating.

Theoretically the diagnostic card of the state sample needs regardless of the service and the insurer to ensure the serviceability of the car, — says Dmitry Yushin, about 20 years engaged in import of used machines from Europe. That’s how it is in many European countries, and, for example, in Germany the TÜV sign belongs not to the state, and specially created for this firm, whose members work not only on rental but also on signature services — so that on certain days you can take the inspection where the car is serviced. And the main lever, forcing to comply with these rules, are not penalties, and the inability of the insurance without honestly passed TÜV. Here and contains the biggest difference between European and Russian procedures: our insurers sometimes do insist on the violation of the order of inspection.

— Inspection without accreditation from actually previously were impossible in principle, — said the leader of autoprometno of the movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov. — The fact that data will be loaded into a Single automated information system of technical inspection (EAISTO). From non-accredited services, there is simply no account access. Therefore, these activities previously, and could be interpreted as fraud, but I honestly have never heard that someone was engaged in it: to be accredited in RSA quite easily. So the punishment will not change anything, because in this place there is no problem.

According to Shkumatov, the main problem consists in the procedure of inspection for private passenger cars, it has long turned into a meaningless procedure, a kind of another tax on motorists. “He THEN can not physically detect a range of faults, including brake system, just because of the lack of appropriate equipment at the point THEN, — said the expert. — And if you equip the item THEN lift, then how will it be different from the service? Maybe it makes sense to combine these two procedures or even to abolish IT for cars that are under a certain age?”

in Other words, while insurance companies are allowed to buy their insurance policies without actually passing inspection and they are still allowed to do it — for ordinary motorists, the problem has only theoretical value. However, almost all employees of the services interviewed by “MK” are sure: the tariffs for the diagnostic card in the near future will grow. Insurance agents also do not exclude.