Nürtingen – four years Ago, wandered Nicolas Erb (40) from Oberboihingen to the Canary island of Fuerteventura from. He earned his living as a tourist guide. Over and out!

The Swabian to the IMAGE: “In Spain, output is for weeks lock. Here there is not a single German tourists more, of course, no hike.“

To Fuerteventura 2 million visitors came to date annually. 650 000 of whom were German photo: Universal Images Group/

result: Nicolas’ existence is from one day to the other broken away. The Spanish state helps? The German: “Unlikely. At the Moment my income is zero. My rent must I pay anyway.“

out Nicolas is allowed to go only with his dog. Otherwise, the days are excruciatingly long and full of uncertainty. The unemployed guide: “No one knows if tourism ever comes back into their stride, as was previously the case.”