This was revealed by checks of police and public Order authorities on the weekend. You referred to on Sunday, but at the same time that the majority of the Thuringian to the contact restrictions in the Corona-crisis, followed strictly and to the shopping or for walks distance of the other. Of individual violations was reported in Gera, Erfurt and Weimar. The police and the regulatory authority in Gera languages of meetings of up to 20 young people, as well as a carousal in the open. For penalties for violation of the protection against infection are very law-and the collections have been resolved.

In Erfurt, the police are controlled on Saturday, the compliance with the rules in parks and green spaces as well as playgrounds and informed the car of the citizens through a loudspeaker. There are very few breaches had been detected, she said. Encountered small groups had made, after they have been addressed, the required distance from each other.

Currently, a maximum of two people may be traveling together or people who live together in an apartment. The Erfurt had shown understanding for the controls, it said.

Similarly, the police said in Weimar. Police patrols found in spite of the Sunny weather on Saturday, only a few violations – for example, three of the guests celebrated a birthday party. In addition, had met on Saturday night, about 15 teenagers to a camp fire.