Russia is likely not to be in the list of third countries for which restrictions on entry into the European Union may be lifted from July 1, said the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

“the countries of the European Union jointly proposed to agree on a common list of third countries for which the restrictions may be lifted on 1 July. Russia will most likely not be in this list”, — is spoken in the message of “Vestnik ATOR”.

“opening our borders remain unclear. And this is unlikely to happen on 1 July, so Russia will not be able to comply with the principles of reciprocity. secondly, the number of new cases of coronavirus in Russia continue large. European countries, including those, which are important for tourism, is not ready to receive guests from Russia. Until July Russian citizens denied entry to Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece,” explained the Association.

the Epidemiological situation in these States is similar to or better than the EU, said in ATOR with reference to the materials of the European Commission.

According to the operational headquarters on June 15, the number of cases of detection of coronavirus in Russia over the past day rose by 8246 — to 537 210. In total recovered 284 539 people, 7091 recorded death related to the coronavirus.