Russian singer Vlad Topalov said that his family has experienced severe stress over the last few days, when the network started hounding his wife Regina Todorenko.

Russian singer Vlad Topalov cried during a live broadcast, in which he reasoned on the subject of the persecution of his wife Regina Todorenko. He explained that in the day when users began to criticize his wife’s words on domestic violence he died friend Dmitriy Kind. He lamented that the users rained down on him and the family, “so much shit”, while recognizing that “he is not a Saint”.

Topalov noted that he forgives all who spoke negatively about him and his wife. According to him, Todorenko has experienced severe stress over the last five days of the persecution. He said that his wife at the time lost everything, something long sought: titles, contracts, money and projects. Topalov also urged people to be kinder and assured that he is ready to kill anyone who wishes evil to his wife and son.

A few days ago TV presenter in an interview with Peopletalk stated that victims of domestic violence may themselves be to blame for this attitude. Todorenko asked victims of domestic violence of women, what did they do to the spouse they were not beaten. “Your husband beats you, why do you wonder?”, – asked the presenter. Since the onset of the social media bullying she apologized for his remarks and suggested that it could be misunderstood.

After the scandal Glamour magazine cancelled the assignment of presenter title of “woman of the year”. In the editorial explained that attentive to the opinion of the readers, and Todorenko no longer carries this title. As noted by the representatives of the journal, the editorial Board opposes all violence, including bullying.