mock exam is needed in order to experts and event organizers can check everything’s ready at schools for the exam, as observed measures of epidemiological safety, as does the technology transfer tasks via protected channels and print materials directly in the classroom, etc.

– because of the pandemic coronavirus situation this year is atypical, you need to meet the new requirements, which we’ve never seen before, – said acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. – Mock exams necessary again to rehearse the points related to the proper passage of participants in the places of holding exam. So we have to observe the distancing, correctly regulated the flow of people, security was provided to all taking the exam. Mock exam is a test for organizers.

Recall that in the 2020 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in schools, where the exam will be new security measures. Before each exam will be cleaning with a disinfectant. All the organizers and public observers should be personal protective equipment (masks and gloves).

the question of whether masks and gloves to the graduates, each region will decide for itself based on its epidemiological situation.

At the entrance to the school medical staff will conduct a mandatory contactless thermometry to all participants and organizers. Graduates with fever and respiratory symptoms on an exam will not be permitted, the highlight of the Service.

In all places of the exam will be installed dispensers with antiseptics. Possible in the premises can also be disinfecting the air. Will ensure compliance with the social distance between the participants of the exam at least 1.5 metres, and – the zig-zag Seating arrangement in the classroom.

schools marked in some cases – install the belt fence. It is recommended to organize several entrances to the school and to determine the schedule arrival of participants to avoid congestion at the entrance.

After the trial test all the technology will be worked out thoroughly, July 3, graduates will come to start to pass the exam in the subjects required for admission to the University. The main period of the exam will be held from 29 June to 25 July. To participate in the main examination period was approximately 714 thousand people.