To build up the territory of the plant “Fazotron” in the Presnensky district in the center of Moscow, MR Group may previously denying his involvement in the project. Auction for the sale of the shares took place last week, but ultimately the developer of the project was not called.The territory of the plant “Fazotron”, which was sold at auction may 14, may build up the MR Group Roman Timokhin and Victor Labuzdko, this “b” told two people in the real estate market. According to them, the company will fee the project developer and the ultimate owner of the site is a third — party investor. The largest and, in fact, a monopoly player on the lottery market is “Stoloto” Armen Sargsyan. In a press-service of the company said they did not have information about a possible deal.Plant “Fazotron” belonging to the state Corporation rostec, is 3.2 hectares in Electric lane, where you can implement about 130 thousand square meters of real estate. Interest in the “Fazotron” MR Group was even in 2016, when the government agreed to a construction of 90 thousand square meters of real estate, wrote “Kommersant”. Last week MR Group denied its involvement in the bidding for the purchase of OOO “Fazotron-invest”. Responding to a request to “Kommersant”, the company adhered to the same position. According to the Protocol of the auction, the winner of the auction for the purchase of the land “Phasotron” was the only party created at the end of 2019, OOO “ice development”. Its founder and CEO is specified Dmitry Alexandrov, whose connection with a potential investor is not obvious from the data register. Specified in other companies, the phone number is not in service. In the “Assistance” also does not disclose the end customer site. Earlier the General Director of “RT Capital” (included in “rostec”) Kirill Fedorov only said “Vedomosti” that the bidding has considered the seven leading developers, but also because of the coronavirus, they are unable to participate in the auction.The interlocutor of “Kommersant” in the property market noted that the deadline and, accordingly, the time for payment of the sum for the right to buy land was restricted and remote work to participate in the auction was extremely difficult. “Ice development” agreed to pay for the land to 3.85 billion rubles— this was the starting price of the lot.MR Group most of their projects on foreign markets, however, there were cases and independent of the company’s participation in auctions. In particular, in March the structure of the Novel Timokhina purchased from the same “RT Capital” stock of the Moscow factory of radio engineering equipment. The plant belongs to 22 hectares in the area Borisov ponds in the South of Moscow.According to him, the cost of housing can be up to 300 thousand rubles. per 1 sq m, the project will be in demand, given the area. The consultant notes that the area “Phasotron” will not compete with others, also located near Stas well metro station “Belorusskaya” project MR Group — the territory of the former watch factory “Glory” on the Leningrad prospectus. The complexes will be a different class, and in the second case, the cost of housing is unlikely to exceed 250 thousand rubles. per 1 sq m, said Vladimir Sergunin.Elizaveta Makarova