in the meantime, you see the city from the Ferris wheel in three parks. The oldest 50-meter, built in 1957, located in Izmailovo. However, now it’s suspended professionals check its serviceability and carry out technical examination. Recently the wheel came up with the passengers. Some booths even turned over. Fortunately, they were empty. The forced stop lasted a few minutes, reported the press service of the Park: “the attraction is jammed mechanism one of the empty booths. The operator quickly stopped him, the booth brought in the correct position. After this the wheel is spun manually and the visitors from other cabins had left the carnival.” Now will check each nut is the largest wheel in the city, and on the weekends to him, a queue. Here, in Izmailovo Park, there is a wheel and a smaller, 30-meter, but it does not enjoy great popularity. Another almost the same, 35 m, to the West of the city in the Park “fairy Tale”. With him are Krylatsky hills and the Picturesque bridge “Moscow-city” and the Stalinist skyscraper. The same 35 meters and the new Ferris wheel in Sokolniki, it’s only five meters more than the height of the dismantled its predecessor. The kids loved it – not scary. Like to ride on it and teenagers – they have it the second most popular after the roller coaster. 18 booths, each for six people. One round in the fully enclosed cabin with panoramic Windows takes 7-10 minutes. This wheel is comfortable to ride even in winter at temperatures of minus 23 degrees – stall heated.

Before opening the attraction has passed all the necessary testing and verification is received allowing work certificate from technical supervision. On the wheel there are always employees that monitor the situation and help visitors during landing. At the time of a pandemic of mers after each round, a thorough disinfection.

Well, next year, near the exhibition center is expected to open the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. Against the background of “the Sun of Moscow” – such name has received a new attraction, everyone else will seem a toy – it is a height of 140 meters. The wheel is equipped with 30 cabins that can accommodate up to 15 people. One revolution, as expected, it will be done in 18 minutes and 40 seconds. “We have to think through additional services that will be available to visitors of the wheels. For example, will provide the opportunity to rent booths for a romantic dinner or a photo shoot. Another plan to help the lovers to organize a proposal of marriage or to celebrate any important event with family and friends, – has told the head a press-services of the attraction “the Sun of Moscow” Ekaterina Guskova. And the smallest will be able to visit e��of scurvy, listen to lectures about the city’s history, ecology, new technologies, and all this at the height of bird flight”.

in the meantime, preparations are underway for the reception and accommodation of wheel designs. In the pit of the future of the attraction is the reinforcement of the grillage Foundation of the attraction. To try out the new wheel Muscovites will be able in the second quarter of 2021.