Bari Alibasov hired a lawyer Oleg Sukhov, whom the Russian media have dubbed “the sexiest lawyer in the country,” according to This was stated by PR Director and producer Oleg Sukhov.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Bari Alibasov Jr. announced the criminal case in which the investigation of the attempt on the life of producer. According to him, the crime might be involved in the Director group “on-ON” Andrey Nazarov, the ex-soloist of Valery Yurin, and also the daughter of the current wife of producer Olga Shukshina. Alibasov Jr. says that his father often, especially solder, to get his apartment in the city center.

PR Director Alibasov Vadim Gorozhankin said that the interests of the producer will be represented by the lawyer Oleg Sukhov. The original title of “the sexiest lawyer of the Russian Federation,” he received in 2017, when the Network leaked his half-naked pictures. Sukhov has amazed users with its inflated body.

It is noteworthy that the case of the attempt on the life of producer, lead investigator Dennis Sidoruk, images which is posted on the website of one of the most popular modeling agencies.