– When you go in, children you for a hug, and stuck to, – Anna remembers. And teachers pull you out of there – so we have not decided. Openly say: to cuddle with the kids impossible. Why not? I do not know. So they are not tied, apparently. And they so want it!

Children is their love forever. And the love is mutual: with sixteen years of experience working at camps as a counselor – now shifts not opened, and the children throws her excited message: “How so?! Summer without you?” “All good!” – Anya does not believe in bad blood and wants to take my family at least one child from the orphanage. First, to give him the happiness which he was unjustly deprived. And secondly, he grew up to be a good person, and everyone realized that the children there are the same as the rest. Only the destitute.

a Dream may not be fulfilled – Anya knows not yet ready for such responsible step of her young people. “If not – then no. I’m going to balance their desire with him,” says Anna. By the way, she is not what we are accustomed to see activists, the so-called youth leaders – not noisy, not bright triumphant, not admiring him, without emotional explosions. There is no sense that she’s about to jump, sing or start shouting slogans. Next to her quietly. In volunteering, she’s probably not looking for anything for myself – mom and dad have given so much love that it is easy to share.

From the miners of Prokopyevsk in the past year, left for Novosibirsk. College is difficult – chemistry, for example, science is difficult. But Anya has a purpose – to pass on the straight. These results will allow her to go to the budget form of education.

in the meantime, Anna learns not only, but also works in the warehouse at the pharmacy. This is to gain experience in the profession. Already have an idea of what I would like to do in the future: to organize the stalls with the most essential medicines in small villages. So grandparents don’t need to go for aspirin to the district, wasting the whole day. There may be, for example, self-service – something like the machines, just not with chocolates, and a pill. “Open the pharmacy exorbitant prices, only for the sake of earnings, I certainly will not, – says Anya. Is boring”.

in addition to work and study with Anna, there is also volunteering. Otherwise, too boring. When the medical school recruited volunteers to work at the airport in a pandemic, Anya barely there not signed up. Talked the guy and his parents: “Where are you going?” She lost, and without any regrets. Knows – in volunteering is not to transcend the relationship with the family. And, of course, through their own health. Not like her classmate, to take his all night shift. Everything should be in moderation, do. Otherwise overstrain and burn.

as a result, Anya was in the volunteer headquarters party��and the “United Russia”. There accept applications from older people who need to deliver medicine and food, and transport the kits to the address. Anna is on duty in the call center and visits the elderly. It is more difficult than with children. Aid in principle does not happen much, says Anya, and therefore suggested the Novosibirsk Governor Andrew Travnikova not to dissolve the volunteer headquarters after a deadly virus calm down. He promised to think about it.

by the Way, your young man the girl also gradually attracted to volunteering. He helps her to carry heavy packages of food. “Teach you to perfect” says Anya. And it was recognized that in it. A volunteer can not be one – as in all things, it requires talent.

– to listen to yourself and not to take if there is a sincere inner desire to help others. It is difficult to become a volunteer “for the company”. Anna saw a lot of examples where young people heard from their peers: “Why do you want this stuff?” – he lost all desire to work, burned out and left.

– Not wait for gratitude. Yeah, you feed off the emotions of other people can find satisfaction in the fact that bring joy to someone. But it often happens that the answer is negative. If you are not ready for it – volunteering is not for you.

– to strike a balance between volunteering and other objectives and directions of life. Can’t go into volunteering with the head – this is the easiest way to quickly burn out.