a Social contract is an agreement which is concluded between a needy family and social protection centre for a period of three months to a year. Citizens receive benefits (lump sum or monthly) to solve problems and in turn carry out the individual program of social adaptation. For example, are trained, improve their skills, looking for work, equip farm.

In the Vologda region, the first social contract signed in 2013. Since then, the number cocontraction exceeded 18 thousand. Annually for these purposes the regional budget directs more than 46 million rubles.

Most residents of the region took the money for development of personal farmsteads – bought chickens, calves and piglets. Someone was repairing the sheds for the animals, purchased seed and tillers. Rarely bought equipment for home-based work, such as sewing machines.

the family Sakinah from the village Seamie four children. The couple are working, but money’s tight. So I decided to draw up a social contract, along with a social worker decorating business plan. Received 36 thousand rubles. The money bought five pigs, incubator, and 50 eggs, feed, the mill and the boards on the barn. The three little pigs raised for meat, the rest is left for the offspring. Now not only provide fresh produce from the farm itself, but to sell meat, pigs, broiler chickens, turkeys.

Another family – Serebryakovs of Ust-Cuban district. They also have four children. Live in the country and big profits are not. The social contract helped them to purchase the incubator for the rearing of poultry, and then to build a separate coop.

In the Republic of Komi this year also started the Federal project for the introduction of the social contract. To the implementation of individual projects has already begun more than a thousand people.

My son – in – law husband of the youngest daughter – had serious surgery. Needed rehabilitation, I had to leave work, and they have two children, – says Olga Maksimovna. – My grandfather helped as they could, but our pensions is also not so hot. And then decided to make cocontract. Every month they listed for 15 thousand rubles. And all the time the son-in-law was looking for a place. Now working in a nearby village. Payments helped them survive.

this year In Komi measures based on the Federal social contract will cover every tenth poor, that is, 2.9 thousand people. It will guide 651 million rubles, 195 of them – Republican funds.

Began to develop a social contract and in Karelia. As in the Vologda region, is the most in demand is assistance for the development of private farming. First, the payoff for these purposes amounted to 80 thousand rubles. For this money you can buy a pig or poultry, but the cowsthe money is not enough. Therefore, for low-income families the amount of social assistance was increased to 200 thousand rubles. On these means the family is able to purchase the heifer Ayrshire breed.

this year in the Vologda region increased benefits under the social contracts. You can now get from 12 to 100 thousand rubles. The increase is due to the fact that cocontract received Federal funding. 12 398 rubles, the citizens of the contract for job search, 30 thousand will pay those who want to retrain and pay for courses. But when you open your own business you can claim for a 100 thousand.