To receive anti-crisis support to small and medium entrepreneurs should keep a number of labor collectives at the level of 80-90% within a certain period. Titov notes that the company is deprived of the right to preferential loans and subsidies for dismissal of an employee and accepting in his place a new employee within one month and in case of termination of a single contract of civil-legal character.

To count the number of staff used special form “data on the insured persons” (SCB-M). It contains data on all individuals for whom premiums are paid (including those working under civil contracts), without division into categories.

According to the business Ombudsman, to provide a correct assessment of continuous employment must also use monthly data szv-TD, which takes into account the fact of retirement or hiring of employees. Among the proposals is to establish a requirement for companies until the end of 2020 monthly pass for information on a special form (BCR-EXPERIENCE) – this will allow you to split those working on civil contracts and labor contracts.

Besides, according to the business Ombudsman, it is necessary to change the system account for the preservation of employment based on the comparison of data with an average number of the szv-M for the first quarter of 2020. Now a comparison with the number of employees on a specific date.