The head of the Duma Committee on civil society development Sergey Gavrilov called on the Georgian authorities “to get on the road to full-fledged relations with Russia”.

Georgia refused any concessions to Russia

In his opinion, anti-Russian sentiments will disappear in the Republic in the near future. Gavrilov suggested that “our common victory in the great Patriotic war” will be an incentive to restore relations.

it is Time to finish with the turmoil. Cooperation will help to overcome the crisis, and social problems, and to build independent Georgia. I guess that it is interested both Russia and Georgia, — said Gavrilov in comments to RIA Novosti.

The MP added that “the common people refused to support” anti-Russian protests 2019, after which Moscow has stopped flights from the country.

Wrote the representative of the Georgian Cabinet of Ministers Zurab Abashidze spoke about the billions of dollars of losses to the tourism industry of Georgia after the introduction of Russia’s ban on flights. He said that the country will open its borders in August and hopes to resume air links with Russia.

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said that Tbilisi should make every effort to convince Moscow to stabilize the situation.