the Ministry of culture has prepared a “road map” out of theaters in the restrictions on the coronavirus, which also involves the resumption of sales of tickets from 1 August. This “Izvestia” said the Deputy Minister, Secretary of state Alla Manilova may 21.

According to her, the document provides for several stages of withdrawal measures within a certain period, unless the restrictions will not be extended after June 1.

“From June 15 to July 15, most theatres will start a collective vacation. At this time will be total disinfection scene, ceilings, decorations, top machinery. After that, rehearsals will resume until 1 September. They are built in such a way that before the meeting with the audience that theaters are planning for mid-September, to have time to run all the plays,” she said.

Manilov noted that after the resumption of ticket sales theatres will begin targeted work with the audience, who agreed to keep the tickets for the canceled shows, to visit them in the fall. So viewers will be able to choose the dates of your performances and seats in the hall.

From pandemic coronavirus theatres were forced to suspend the seasons. Many of them moved to online-format, offering the audience a record of past performances and even performances via video link live.

as of may 21, in Russia the number of cases of the disease COVID-19 reached 317 554, including 8849 — in recent days. 92681 man recovered. 3099 patients died.

All the information on the situation of coronavirus is available on stopmanager.Russia and dostupnim.of the Russian Federation, and the hashtag #Myvote. Telephone hotline for questions about coronavirus: 8-800-2000-112.