The CPS on behalf of the President has prepared a phased plan to exit the isolation. It was presented to the Minister Anna Popova at the meeting on the implementation of previously adopted measures to support the economy and social sphere.

She explained that the decision to withdraw from the isolation will make the heads of the regions, based on several indicators: the growth rate of incidence, the free space in hospitals and the number of tests performed.

According to the recommendations, the removal of restrictions will take place in three stages. So, the first stage will allow a walk with the kids and sports on the street. In addition, open shops and service facilities with limited space.

In the second stage you will be walking with family members, will allow the educational institutions. Operation will resume trading point with a larger area subject to preventive measures.

In the third stage, open parks, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Will work in all objects of trade and sphere of services.

The Minister said that the categories of citizens who are at risk, will need to comply with some restrictions.

Previously Popov said that Russia reduced the rate of increase in the incidence of coronavirus.

In Russia today was 165,9 thousand cases COVID-2019, 1.5 million people died, 21.3 thousand recovered.