Now the Norwegian football season at the earliest start up in the middle of June. Football clubs who are already struggling financially will have to wait even longer before they get money in klubbkassen. It was just one of the disheartening news that struck over an already empty NFF office yesterday.

Krisepakken that arrived yesterday include businesses in the register of business enterprises, and sports clubs don’t get search on the that are referred to as “cash” to businesses. The regulations for what the organizers of sports events can apply for includes only the loss of ticket revenue, participation fee and additional costs incurred by the event. It means that the sponsor money and the kiosk is not covered. The Norwegian football season can at the earliest start 15. June.

Package hitting the soccer ball poorly. We fall between two chairs, ” says Svendsen, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

Sent a letter

the NFF are so unhappy that they Wednesday sent a letter to the Lottery and foundation authority, where they agree to disagree in the regulation.

– the Restrictions that are made are based on the framework from the Ministry of culture. It is defined to fall outside of the regulation. It is not our interpretation, we treat the regulation with the limits we get, replies Gunn Merete Paulsen, ceo of the Lotteries and gaming authority.

KRISEPAKKE: the Sport will get 700 million in the krisepakke for the period from 5. march to 31. april. Culture Abid Raja presented krisepakken 18. march.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

She believes the Ministry of culture must respond to the Nff protest. Abid Q. Raja could not ask for interview in the case, but the ministry respond to questions about the scheme:

We have established a mechanism for compensation for lost ticket and participation fees. The rules around permitteringer will also be able to be used by football clubs that have employees, says state secretary Knut Aastad Bråten.

Read the entire response at the bottom of the case. – Discrimination

the NFF is unhappy with the packages that are now presented. Some clubs have big income that does not fall within kompensasjonspakkene as of yet, has been put forward.

– basically we are not with, it is demanding. There are many that have poor economy, which is struggling with liquidity. We should have kicked off the season. It is standstill, and no income, ” says Svendsen.

Compared with other industries is the soccer ball subjected to discrimination. We hope that they come with, or other actions, add Album to.

He says they are happy for krisepakkene that has been put forward, but says that if koronatiltakene are long standing, many clubs struggle financially. Among other things, because seriestart now is deferred, and the income fails to materialize.

It came two months with further delays yesterday. A new kontantpakke for næringsaktører where we are not with, and regulations, we disagree. We need to work over easter, and going to take it with the government and parliament, ” says Svendsen.

Here is the answer from the Ministry of culture: