Finally, there are easter holidays, but after weeks of hjemmeskole and closed the nursery you might have gone out of hjemmeaktiviteter.

Here are five experiments you can enjoy yourselves with the next few days.

1. “Naked eggs” See what happens when you put eggs in vinegar. (From the Newton – Forskerfabrikken) You need javascript to see the video.

See what happens when you put eggs in vinegar. (From the Newton – Forskerfabrikken)

This requires a bit of patience, but is very fun.

Let the egg bathe in a glass of vinegar. Look at it occasionally. After a few days is the egg soft and pliable, and without the shell.

One more thing kids can do: When you know on an egg with his tongue, the bottom feels hot, while the top, the pointed end, it feels cold, ” explains Selda Ekiz.

Photo: Selda Ekiz / NRK

vinegar into the bowl is an acid, which reacts with the eggshell because the shell is made of calcium carbonate. If you looked at the egg, let you might notice small bubbles around the eggshell? It is carbon dioxide, ” explains physicist Selda Ekiz.

carbon Dioxide is one of the products of the chemical reaction between the vinegar into the bowl and the eggshell.

And the longer the egg is in the vinegar into the bowl, the more of the shell is to kalsiumacetat, water and carbon dioxide. Until there is no more shell again.

– Hinna inside the egg does not react in the same way with the vinegar into the bowl, but you may have noticed that the egg is bigger? It is because this hinna is a membrane which has taken to itself the water it has been in (the vinegar into the bowl is only a small part of the liquid, most of it is water), she explains further.

Check how to make dinosauregg

2. When crushes the egg? Students test how many books four eggs can withstand. (From Supernytt. Photo: Linda Water/NRK) You need javascript to see the video.

Students tests how many books four eggs can withstand. (From Supernytt. Photo: Linda Water/NRK)

There is not much to smash an egg on the tjukkeste section. But, you try to squeeze on the egg at the narrow ends, it is almost impossible to destroy it.

in Fact, four small eggs to withstand the weight of many books.

Put the four bruskorker on the table, put one egg in each of them with a new cork on top. Then you can gently stack of book after book.

– Eggshell seems to be very fragile, but the shape of the egg is designed to withstand a push. Otherwise, had the chickens had an uncomfortable experience each time they verpa, explains Selda.

Shape of the egg distributes pressure evenly over the entire egg. Therefore, it is difficult to crush an egg by squeezing it with your whole hand.

How much can two packages eggs?

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

– the Reason that the egg can withstand so much in the poles, is because the eggshell is strongest in the top and bottom. When the books pushing down from the top, pushing the table/the cap just as much from the upward, and the pressure is distributed over the entire egg, ” she explains.

What about to let the kids try to stand on two parcels of eggs?

See how the Newton-presenter Lydia go on the egg here.

3. Colored frokostegg Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

Eggs is very common on the breakfast table at easter.

Maybe flavors the eggs extra well with the color on?

– When you cook the plants with the colors, they release a bit of the color out. The longer you have it in the water, and the stronger the color the vegetables or the plants have, the more color, drop it, explains Selda.

Make a yellow egg with løkskall or saffron, or pink eggs with fresh beet root.

– Eggshell is superb to capture this color. You will have stronger color on the eggs, they must lie longer in the fargevannet,, she outlines.

4. Breakfast with the shape

What with the heart-shaped eggs?

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

another thing that makes breakfast fun, is shaped eggs. There are many different shapes you can play around with.

Peel a hard-boiled egg, push it down into the mold and place it in cold water.

When the egg has cooled sufficiently, it has been the same shape as the shape.

– This happens because the egg is basically resolved in the normal temperature, but when you heat up the egg, the proteins in the egg solidify, and they will harden in the shape they are in when the temperature is high enough, explains Selda.

you Have not such forms, you can make fried eggs in a silicone or pepperkakeform.

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4. Paint on the egg Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

Rinse the eggs well, put a small hole in each end, and gently blow out the contents into a bowl.

– We throw no food, so the content takes care of to scrambled eggs or omelette, ” says Anne Marie Schrøder from Matvett.

Tie fast fishing line on a half-match and three toward them into the egg.

Template on the egg and hang it for decoration in the window or on a branch.

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5. Plant in eggshell Photo: Anette Torjusen / NRK

It is our several places in the country, and many children like to so.

instead of buying small plantekasser can you use eggshell. When you’ve used egg, add a half eggshell in every room of the eggekartongen.

Now you can with soil and seeds in the eggshell, but be careful when you water.

– It is perfectly ok to so in all sorts of containers, but we always recommend to make the hole in the bottom. It works out the not eggeskallene. Is there too much water will the seeds drown, and it’s not any fun, ” explains Marianne Utengen, gardener at The Norwegian hageselskap.

When it is time to potty if you add only the whole of the eggshell into a larger pot.

With time the eggshell be earth.

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