good Friday 2020. Good Friday this year is something very special. In the media and social networks, impulses, prayers, suggestions cavort for personal devotion. Good Friday is completely different, good Friday, without Church services, good Friday in the crisis… What good Friday means to me?

this year is good Friday, the tenth anniversary of the death of my grandmother. Grief is so all along the line. Not only a celebration of daily depressed mood, but of existential concern, personally.

good Friday, and Corona. Means for me: I should leave no candle to grandma’s grave. Must not to the place of my birth and the place of living of my family. Would like to Yes no plug in. Not even divine services there, of which I could give comfort there. Maybe light a candle at home. Maybe Yes, at least. About the author

Jochen Mündlein, Born in 1989, is a deacon of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria. In addition to his activities as an Association and a specialist Advisor for children, youth and family support in the Inner Mission of Munich, a PhD in the subject of Religion and cultural studies.

We are helpless and powerless, we feel

delivered I wander around in the streets and I am confused. Feelings about the feelings of the people around me. At a distance, of course. Fear, confusion, a shrug of the shoulders. From the cheerful sun Bader to the fearful mask carrier, everything is possible.

I sense a confusion: confusion about this sudden Situation. I can’t go anywhere I want, not do what I want. An invisible enemy is, and principalities, and powers for my whereabouts in the own four walls.

I am helpless, powerless. So unusual. Not only I alone am, but the people around me as well. I’m not free, emancipated, a man of the enlightenment, the happiness of one’s own Hand?

It is good Friday and all of a sudden, he is existential. Ignorance, a fearful nervousness.

what’s next?

Who hits it?

I Know Him or you, perhaps?

I’m drawn to, reported, passed out. Just like on the cross. Be shipped, thrown under the forces over which I have no Power.

comfort and hope in Faith will find

This Crucified one is very close and furious, I wonder if I should join in his cry: “My God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you afraid, don’t help to where it is needed? To is Not?” And finally, personally, anxious, almost meekly: “do you Take me people who are dear to me?”

good Friday, personally. My thoughts and feet go on tour. I’m drifting through the streets, alone… Writes Martin Luther, the freedom of the Christian people? Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks his lines from the concentration camp of the Good powers that keep me safe? #Corona care: Germany helps – FOCUS Online

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good Friday, and my eyes to the heavens, going forward, will look to Sunday to Easter.

“rose again The third day from the dead”, we pray on Sundays in the divine service. So yet! But hope and Faith in my fear? Good Friday alone? Too heavy to bear… the view from The cross to the empty tomb gives me Confidence. Personally.

Very existentially.

Yes, the Love in the distance it goes well. We are all in your Hand. And even if you certainty a retrieve, so I have that he is with you. My grandmother, Yes she is with you! Sure. In the darkest of powerlessness and ignorance, you don’t talk to me: Fear not.

“I’m not alone!”

good Friday alone? No, surrounded by people to whom it is similar. Good Friday to celebrate with all those who are dear to me – difficult. Or not? My thoughts go back to Hiking.

suddenly, I’m standing in front of a Church. It is open! A sign hangs in front of it: “No Church services, due to Corona.” Imperceptibly, my hands fold.

I begin to pray like Jesus has taught us: “father,

And I know our it is in heaven…”: I’m not alone!

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