They can get passengers for cancelled flights

“These tickets are much more expensive, the passenger in advance I bought my ticket knowing that the money will return. Even for such tickets is now no return. Of course, the passengers is puzzling, as it directly violates article 108 of the Air code of the Russian Federation”, – said Zotov.

each airline has its own logic. Passenger traffic in April fell by 90% in international air traffic that were previously allowed to partially compensate for loss-making domestic air travel stopped, the income of the companies declined to indicate the Association of air transport operators (aato). But the carriers are fixed costs rental and leasing aircrafts, their maintenance and pay. Early termination of lease contracts or lease aircraft on the initiative of the airline would entail the payment of substantial penalties.

to resolve the situation in the Russian air transport operators Association has proposed legislation to cancel monetary compensation to passengers for cancelled flights and replace them with “vouchers” for future flights. The industry sent a letter to first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

thereby offer passengers credited the airlines to solve their problems, says Ilya Zotov. “These proposals violate the law,” he adds. If this ideas can be accepted, only for the future. Besides, payment vouchers may only be imposed as an alternative measure, by agreement with the passenger. If the person travels one or two times a year, and there are a lot of Russian, to take a voucher it does not make sense. It is not clear when will be the next flight, and there is a risk that the company issuing the voucher goes bankrupt and can’t deliver on the promised flight, said Zotov.

This issue is being considered at the public Council at the Ministry of transport. Interesting to consider all sides, said Zotov. “No one is interested in bankruptcy of airlines,” he said. To get out of this situation need state support. Already allocated the first tranche of 3 billion roubles for support of the aviation industry, said the expert.

In the office of first Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of transport on request “RG” did not answer.