Nadezhda Babkina gave his first interview after returning from the hospital where she was treated for bilateral pneumonia caused by a coronavirus. The singer told how she had spent her illness in an interview with TV presenter Dmitry Borisov, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The actress says that the day before admission he felt “blurred, wanted to sleep, it was hard to breathe, heart sank”. She admitted she regularly goes to the doctors, and did not even know that her immune system is weakened.

The video should not upset the Russians

In addition, the singer complied with the recommendations of the who, washed my hands with soap and wore a mask, and shortly before admission had a General cleaning of the apartment.

“On the morning of March 27 I feel bad. In any case, waved a pill for the flu. Became badly sick. Collected documents, nightgown, robe, pants, coat… Call an Ambulance, passing immediately. Grateful to our medicine! I’m hooked up to an oxygen cushion in the car”, – said Babkin.

In the emergency room at the singer’s feet: “just go, will not go”. Then she had a CT scan, which showed that about 80% of lung affected, and the artist needs an immediate operation.

“I remember Nothing, I was put into an artificial coma. So it is necessary. About 80% of the lung was affected… There is tape all overgrown and healed – it’s a plague, it very quickly appears and begins to work…”, – said Babkin.

In recognition of the singer, after the release of the coma some time she had to eat through a tube. As nurses were helping her to move around, so she declined.

“What the warning was? Maybe I don’t drive the horses? Maybe the lyrics have more contact and not to pandemonium?” – asked people’s artist.

I wrote “the Rambler”, in early April, 70-year-old Babkina was hospitalized with pneumonia, infectious placed in a closed box and put into an artificial coma. 1 may it became known that the singer was discharged from hospital and returned home. She later recorded a video in which he thanked the doctors for their professionalism and care.