COVID characteristic of-19 symptoms manifested miners from the Chinese province of Yunnan, which for two weeks has cleared the mine from the feces of bats, The Sun writes, citing a study by virologist Jonathan Latham and biologist Allison Wilson. It is clarified that these incidents took place in 2012.

The researchers found physician’s who treated the miners, who after two weeks of working in the mine showed symptoms characteristic of COVID-19: pneumonia, dry cough, pain in the limbs and high fever. Patients needed mechanical ventilation, three of the six workers died, RIA “Novosti”.

In the laboratory of the Chinese Wuhan analyzed samples of miners. It was found that they were infected with a coronavirus similar to SARS.

According to the authors of the study, there is reason to believe that COVID-19 had already been adapted to the human body.

Previously, researchers from the Institute of information transmission problems, RAS discovered the unusual nature of the accumulation of point mutations in the genome of the coronavirus, indicating that it has recently been adapted by evolution to live in the body of bats. Thus, the Russian scientists found evidence of a natural origin, coronavirus.

Meanwhile, a group of experts from the world health organization (who) went to China to determine the origin of a new type of coronavirus.