The experiment for appeal inspections in pre-order will start in Russia on August 17. Participation in the pilot will take the MOE, Roszdravnadzor and Rostehnadzor. The relevant Government decree shall enter into force on 17 August.

In the experiment, citizens and entrepreneurs will be able to appeal pre-trial decisions of the control and Supervisory bodies. To complain will be on the results of verification activities in the field of fire, industrial and energy security and reliability of hydraulic structures. The same order will act on inspections in the sphere of circulation of medicines and medical devices to or quality of medical care.

To file a complaint against actions of inspection bodies is possible through the portal of public services. The appeal of the individual entrepreneur in this case shall be certified by a simple or enhanced electronic signature. The statement from the organizations, you need to put the reinforced qualified digital signature (UCAP). Citizen it needs to be a verified profile on the portal.

The complaint must contain the following information:

the name of the Supervisory body, name officials, the decision or actions are appealed; the name and place of residence (the place of business) of the citizen or the name of the applicant organisation, information about the location of the organization; information about the appealed decisions, which have led or may lead to violation of the rights of the applicant; the grounds and arguments on the basis of which impugned by the applicant; the documents confirming arguments (optional).

According to the decree, the government will not charge a fee for filing such complaints.

Decision on the appeal must be made within two working days. Officials will have to choose one of the following: suspend the contested decision of the control body, to cancel it completely or partially, replaced by another, to recognize the actions of inspectors illegal or leave the complaint without satisfaction.

The experiment will run until 30 June 2021.