Despite the electric vehicle boom we’ve seen in recent years, EVs have yet to become mainstream. This explains why some people have not yet adjusted to this new reality.

Electric cars are as old as the automobile itself and quickly became popular in the early 20th century, accounting for a third of all vehicles by 1900. With the advent of the electric starter and further improvements to the petrol engine, the comfort advantage of electric cars dwindled. They fell into oblivion and eked out a niche existence.

Almost a century later, the electric car has made a spectacular comeback, with Tesla laying the groundwork in 2012 with the launch of the Model S. But some people are still struggling to process the change in the automotive industry.

For example, we still regularly come across videos of people trying to fill up their electric vehicles with petrol. However, this video is perhaps the funniest of them all.

We’re not sure if it’s staged – if so, the people in the video are very good actors – but given the persistence with which the two women try to find a gas cap on the Tesla Model 3, we are inclined to believe that the video is real.

The video is taken by a man standing in line at a gas station. It begins when he sees the Model 3 pull up to the pump. Two young women get out and the driver opens the hood and looks under it to find the gas cap.

Unfazed by the fact that there is no such thing, she reaches for the pump nozzle, much to the amazement of the other gas station customers. After about a minute of chatting and looking inside the Model 3’s trunk, the women decide the gas cap must be somewhere else and head to the back of the vehicle, very close to the charging port.

At this point, the man who took the pictures finally decided to step in and point out that the Tesla doesn’t need gas, it needs electricity. What happened next is hilarious, but we won’t spoil it for you – suffice it to say that despite the man’s explanations, the women still attempted to pour gasoline into the Model 3’s washer fluid tank. The video ends abruptly so we hope they didn’t…

This article was written by Roland Hildebrandt

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