Creative Association “Room 4” invites to the premiere of “small Fry” from a story by Alexander Kuprin. To see the production,

mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of one of the classics of Russian literature, can be August 20 at the stage of the Moscow drama theatre “Man”.

According to the authors of the play, the works of Alexander Kuprina not sufficiently widely covered in the Russian theatrical stage: for example, the story “small Fry” has never been staged. The issues raised in the story are still relevant and sharp: the destiny of a young man choosing a path, the themes of friendship and loyalty.

Roles in the play are played by actors Daniel Romanov and Nikolai Tumilovich, and the Director acted as Director of the St. Petersburg Dmitry krestiankin, which account for more than two dozen productions, shown in different cities of the country.

the Main characters — a teacher and a paramedic, which, being the will of fate, abandoned in Russian countryside, constantly forced to stick together. To somehow overcome the boredom of days young people spend the long winter evenings for libations, debates about the fate of Russia and discussion of philosophical topics. And in an attempt to overcome the monotony of life, the teacher with the nurse rushing into the boat trip on spring river.