the House of Russian abroad celebrates the 150th anniversary of Alexander Benois, the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva invites you to drop in its repository, and the State Pushkin Museum shows paintings from the collection of the choreographer and scholar Sergei Lifar. The most interesting exhibitions that you can visit now and those that will soon open, in shared material and the Agency “Moscow”.

Address: street Dolsky, 1

Dates: until October 11

In 1774 the Empress Elizabeth founded the Neva portselinovaya factory (now Imperial porcelain factory). Thus began the history of Russian porcelain. Initially involved in the work of foreign masters, but after a series of setbacks the production was entrusted to Vinogradov. He became the first Russian who managed to develop his own formula for the production of high quality porcelain.

the Exhibition opened in July in Tsaritsyno to mark the anniversary of the master. It features about 300 pieces of porcelain — some of them came from the hands of Vinogradov. Also the exhibition includes Russian and European porcelain of the XIX century, as well as the porcelain of the Soviet period.


“Before I became an old man.” How crashed the dream of the Creator of Russian porcelain

Address: Prospekt Mira 111

Date: 6 September

the space Museum is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the first in the history of mankind the joint flight of Soviet and American spacecraft “Soyuz-19” and “Apollo”, which became a first step towards the ISS.

the Exhibition “In the name of peace and progress!” is dedicated to the development of international relations in space exploration since 1927 when Moscow hosted the First world exhibition of interplanetary machines and mechanisms, ending the program “Soyuz — Apollo”. A space story is told by archival documents, photographs, objects, who have been in orbit.

Address: street Prechistenka, 12/2 house

Dates: until October 11

a Joint project of the Pushkin Museum and the famous Moscow collectors Tatyana and Sergei Podstanitsky is from two exposures. Large-scale “Our “Pushkiniana”” is over one hundred works by Russian artists of XVII–XIX centuries, as well as foreigners working at that time in Russia. Among the exhibits there are paintings that once belonged to the legendary dancer Sergei Lifar. This is similar to the title of the exhibition: “My “Pushkiniana”” — so he called his collection.

For the exhibition “collector’s House”, located in the garden pavilion of the Museum, Sergey and Tatiana chose the most unusual and rare works from the family collection.

Address: Borisoglebsky pereulok, 6, building 1

Dates: until April 18, 2021

a New exhibition dedicated to the storage of the House-Museum of Marina CV��taiwai, debunks the myth of boring, devoid of creativity the work of the Keeper. Visitors look at exhibits of the Museum through the eyes of an employee and learn what drama and mysteries lurk behind seemingly ordinary objects. The phrase “Behind the door there is nothing interesting” in the title of the exhibition, ironically: of course, all the fun starts at the door to the vault. Unexpected discoveries, sentimental moments and secrets that are yet to be revealed — this is a small part of the daily routine of a man who works behind that door. In the exhibition you will meet the most unusual items from the Museum: the mysterious letters of unknown to the unknown, personal items, household items of bygone eras.

Secretary Ranevskaya and train Moore. The favorite exhibits of the Keeper of the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva”All keepers — the owners.” The Museum staff about their work

Address: ulitsa Vavilova, Dom 57

Dates: until October 11

the Sculptor-animal painter Marina Ostrovskaya graduated from the Moscow art-industrial school named after Stroganov, among her teachers were Alexander Burganov and Mr potato pancakes. The main theme of the works of Ostrovsky — dogs, whom she loves from childhood: the bulldogs, Dachshund, spaniels. The hallmark of the artist was Russian Greyhound. Maria G. was engaged in the world and is currently the international expert of the Russian cynological Federation.

in addition to sculptures of dogs, Maria G. creates images of bears, birds, and exotic and extinct animals, from the tazmanian devil to the Dodo. To see the work of Ostrovsky on the exhibition in the Darwin Museum, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the sculptor.

Address: street lower Radischevskaya, 2

Dates: 27 September

the Exhibition House of the Russian Diaspora, devoted to the 150 anniversary from the birthday of the artist Alexander Benois. Every facet of his work — paintings, book illustrations and scenography — is allotted to your section. The exhibition presents rare items from the Museum’s collection and private collections. Among them are “the Alpine landscape in the vicinity of Alfalfa” (1936), a rare edition of the “Alphabet in pictures” feature Benoit and unique dress Natalia Solzhenitsyn for “Nobel acceptance”, made of fabric by the artist’s sketches.

History of things: what will tell the pre-revolutionary postcards with drawings by Alexander Benois

Address: Georgievskiy pereulok, 3/3

Dates: 10 August-9 September

“the Anniversary of the artist is his exhibition,” says the founder of Russian surrealism, Alexander Burganov, which is March 20 celebrated its 85th anniversary. In August, when cultural life of the capital is finally returning to normal rhythm, and opens the anniversary exhibition Burganov.

In the exhibition, which will be located at the New Arena, visitors will see the sculptures, installations and graphic works. Specifically for the halls of the New Manege, the artist has created a unique art space, which became an independent work of art.

“a Surrealist I called my friend Pierre Cardin”. Interview with Alexander Burganov

Address: ulitsa Vavilova, Dom 57

Dates: from 15 August to 8 November

the Ears of mammals, including human, is very sensitive. They are able to perceive sound waves from 20 to 20 thousand Gertsev. Each person has a hearing range sounds. To determine your you can at the exhibition “Ear”.

visitors Also learn how evolved our hearing aid, hearing fish, birds and other animals, what is echolocation, and who invented it and a history of auditory ossicles, which are the ancient reptiles have been a part of the jaw.

the Main object of the exposition, a three — dimensional model of the human ear, which demonstrates his work.

Address: Borisoglebsky pereulok, 6, building 1

Date: 21 Aug — 8 Nov

Marina Tsvetaeva was acquainted with Alexander Blok — only twice seen the poet on his evenings listening to him reading poetry, but treated him with great feeling. “Deity,” “the knight without reproach”, “sustainer of my soul”, “gentle Ghost” — so she called it. Special relationship to the poet is reflected in her cycle “Poems to Blok”, written in an apartment in Borisoglebsky lane.

the exhibition “your Name is five letters” will present the manuscript of the poems included in the cycle, first editions of both poets and authentic objects from the collections of the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, the State historical Museum, the Russian national Museum of music, as well as documents from the Russian state archive of literature and art.

Address: street Dolsky, 1

Dates: from August 21 (date subject to change)

Four centuries of antiquity in European art will feature a new exhibition at Tsaritsyno. 250 items from private collections will help to detect traces of antiquity in different spheres of life in Europe and Russia XVI–XIX centuries: in addition to painting and sculpture, the exhibition features furniture, tableware, decorative objects and accessories created by European and Russian masters.

Studying the exposition is built in chronological order, the audience will remember the well-known ancient myths and their interpretation. For example, the theme “abduction of Europe” is represented in the collection a group of works by masters from France, Italy and Germany.