the Stomach of a resident of the Chinese province of Guizhou has swelled to abnormal sizes due to a mysterious illness. According to the Daily Mail, the belly continues to grow.

the 36-year-old mother of two children, Juan Hasani claims that her belly weighs 20 pounds and is growing steadily. The woman decided to ask for help through local media, because of unknown illness interferes with her sleep, to walk and to care for my son and daughter. Because of the huge belly woman often mistaken for pregnant.

Hosang Stomach began to grow two years ago for unknown reasons. The inflammation was causing the woman pain, but after taking the prescribed by doctors medication pain stopped.

Chinese woman seeking treatment in various hospitals. Examination showed that she was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, ovarian cancer and abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity and chest. However, doctors are unable to determine the exact cause of continuous abdominal distension.

Doctors tried to remove the fluid from her belly, but as soon as the operation ended, my stomach again began to expand. According to one of the doctors who examined her Chinese women a benign tumor. The local hospital is ready to take up the treatment Gosang. According to preliminary estimates, the operation will cost her 30 thousand yuan (316 thousand). A woman hopes to raise the necessary funds through donations.

Previously a resident of the Indian city of Muzaffarpur, state Bihar, told of a mysterious disease where his stomach grew to an abnormal size. Due to bloated belly Indian can not play sports, his abnormal appearance of ridicule and teasing from peers.