In a murder case is dissected rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko), there are riddles in particular, the cause of death is not established yet. On Friday, August 7, “the” said Sergey Lukyanov, a lawyer Marina Kohala, the wife of rapper accused of killing him.

“the decision to prosecute Kohala as the defendant stated that the murder of Alexander Yushko carried out by unknown means. But forensic research indicated that the cause of death is not established,” — said Lukyanov.

He noted that in the presented Kohala prosecution must contain a description of the events of the crime — i.e. murder, including his method. And since it is not, the lawyer considers, it is possible to talk about violation of the law. Protection Marina Kohala believes her arrest is illegal and has appealed it.

on 6 August it was reported that Nadezhda Romanenko — mistress dismembered rapper Andy Cartwright told investigators about the fear of the Marina Kohala and its possible accomplices.

On the death of Cartwright became known on July 30. According to Kohala, the rapper had died four days before from a drug overdose. To hide “the inglorious death of a musician”, she dismembered her husband, put the remains in bags and wanted to hide, but not figured out what to do with packages, so I contacted a lawyer, who called the police.