TV host Vladimir Pozner during the show “visiting with Gordon” answered the question, what kind of death he wants.

“I am three times a week doing tennis, and two times at the hotel. I often think about death. Different things I think. Of course, do not want to quite, but until that moment, I want it to be quick. The woman, for example, or on the tennis court. I think about my loved ones and that for them it will mean. Whether I remember or not. I want to remember. I would not want to suffer does not want to turn into person who couldn’t take care of yourself”.

Vladimir Pozner, TV presenter told, when leaving the television.

“When I become clear that I was not really looking I’m not interested, I will go immediately. I make sure that” – he said.

these nervous, strange times, the writers and publishers of audiobooks came up with a joint action, which will help all of us to brighten up the boredom of quarantine. As in “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, the authors will take turns to wear the Crown of the Narrator, and every day at a certain hour will be a new online episode. Someone of the authors will go live, someone pre-record a video – in conditions of isolation, the technical possibilities do not always allow for online translation, so each writer is free to choose the format. Next after ether day the writers will answer the questions. The audience will be able to ask in the comments under the video on the project page in Yandex.Live. On 19 and 20 April at 19:00 issues with Vladimir Pozner. They can look at Yandex.Live the link in the profile @pozneronline or

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As Posner said, he feels of 25-30 years, when he looks at women.

“When I do sports, then feel 40-50 years. Now, of course, already quite quickly get tired physically. Realize that 86 years is no longer young,” said he.