a Resident of Arkansas, Shannon Plemons (Shannon Plemons), told how breast augmentation almost cost her her life. Her story shared the edition of The Mirror.

42-year-old American increased breast two sizes because I wanted to be more confident. Six months after surgery, Plemons began to suffer from chronic pain in the joints. Over time, she developed a migraine and began losing hair. A little later she has significantly deteriorated hearing and vision. The pain became so excruciating that the American, were in excellent physical shape, struggling trying to get out of bed and was convinced I was dying.

In the end, the doctors said she would live about six months. She was diagnosed with rupture of the silicone implant in the left breast and suspected “disease of the breast implant” — an officially unrecognized condition in which women start systemic health problems after surgery for breast augmentation.

Plemons urgently found a plastic surgeon who has removed her implants. American admits that after the operation for the first time in a long time, felt alive. She advises women to love themselves for who they are, not to do plastic surgery, after which may come the complications.

Previously a resident of Australia admitted that she had to remove silicone implants from the breast, as they “have poisoned her.” She argues that because of the implants she suffered from chronic fatigue, mastitis, anxiety, migraines, eczema, constant dry mouth, joint pain, fever and lowered blood sugar levels.