A resident of the village Luzino Omsk region Anna Ganev, who won a flat in the draw after a Nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution, complained that now “the whole village is on the ears” and from all sides poured negative.

According to Anna Ganaway many believe that the win she got, as she worked as a Chairman of the election Commission No. 1352 in the village.

the Whole village is our “bonkers”. I kind of realize that I received a big prize, but the joy I’m afraid. Now I would like to experience flowing from all sides negative. You know how people react, mother dear! Because many think, and not rigged if we do on the site? Talking about “amazing coincidence”. Be happy for the person because not everyone can — quoted Anna Ganeva on the portal “Moscow Komsomolets”.

She shared that by taking the coupon, expected to win the coupon to the store.

And then get the certificate, erase the protective layer and, BAM, flat! As if to commend me for all the work…

Anna Ganev noted that the lottery is played five apartments and five cars, miscellaneous appliances, including major appliances, such as laptops, tools, Segways, electric toothbrushes and more.

The Chairman of Omsk election Committee said that the apartment, which she inherited, located on the street’odniprovs’kyi, D. 273.

I just said the address where the apartment is. This is a new district of Omsk, Brandy. And it seems like it, “kopeck piece” area — 43,6 sq. meters. I have two children and three grandchildren. One of the grandchildren are 16 years old, next year he leaves school. Will arrive in Omsk at a College or University, this apartment we Oh so useful, — said Anna Ganev.

Wrote earlier, the Chairman of the electoral Commission of Omsk in my luck she did not see anything wrong. And communication with the office no no — she’s just lucky.