the coronavirus spraying disinfectants in enclosed spaces is not very efficient because it does not provide the necessary impacts beyond areas of direct contact with substances. This is stated in the report of the world health organization (who).

Experts point out that this method is unsafe as there is a risk of damage to the eyes, respiratory system and skin, possible allergic reactions, RIA Novosti reported. It is better to disinfect the surface with a cloth soaked in special funds to eliminate the contamination.

When spraying disinfectants on the streets, their effectiveness is reduced when interacting with the dirt, the document says. The who stressed that the spraying on people is not recommended under any circumstances because it is dangerous to health, and the patient people will still spread the virus by airborne droplets or by contact.

Previously a specialist in biological disinfection from Australia Cory Chalmers told how to decontaminate the surface. According to him, the greatest efficiency in the removal of viruses is achieved through the combination of cleaning and disinfection. These concepts are erroneously considered synonymous, although treatment implies treatment soapy rag, and disinfection – with the help of special tools.